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Championship Winners

Rally Championship
Year Driver Navigator
1960 H.A.R. Nash M.P.W. Britton
1961 P.A. Gilbert H.J.C. Liddon
1962 G.A. Tripp H.J.C. Liddon
1963 W.J. Clements T.S. Bosence
1964 P. Purdy G.R. McLachlan
1965 P. Purdy G.R. McLachlan
1966 P. Channon J. Paul
1967 B.R. Lock R. Shutler
1968 B.R. Lock R. Shutler
1969 R. Shiner R.Davis
1970 J.M. Ford R. Riley
1971 B.R. Lock R. Shutler
1972 B.R. Lock R. Shutler
1973 A. Butt D. Thomas
1974 I. Pengelly B. Benson
Road Rally Championship
1975 R. Chapple B. Benson
1976 D. Adams R. Rutherford
1977 P. Coleman M. Gray
1978 J. Sampson P. Evans
1979 R. Wiltshire R. Hunt
1980 B. Millman M. Wicks
1981 R. Wiltshire R. Hunt
Open Road Rally 1300cc Road Rally
Driver Navigator Driver Navigator
1982 D. Pitcher A.A. Greenwood C. Mockeridge J. Varney
1983 B. Millman P. Evans C. Mockeridge J. Varney
1984 D. Arnold G. Lacey D. Rice N. Bulley
1985 G. Bolt G. Lacey A. Brock L. Beer
1986 R. Hunt D. Chennells A. Brock L. Beer
1987 B. Roper S. Edmunds G. Roberts A. Woolacott
1988 C. White A. Johnson G. Sellick & R. Ash D. Joll
1989 R. Endean S. Edmunds R. Endean S. Edmunds
1990 D. Drayton P.J. Waterton
1991 I. Martingale S. Martingale
1992 P.Harewood R.C. Jones Novice Road Rally
1993 R. Davis M. Newberry C. Beer A. Beer
1994 B. Luxton P. Luxton D. Hallows P. Wrighley
1995 B. Luxton P. Luxton L. Mullan J. How
1996 B. Luxton P. Luxton S. Ware J. Hayes
1997 B. Luxton P. Luxton P. Mingo A. Whitby
1998 Mrs B. Carter P. Barnard J. Cassidy J. Carr
1999 I.Orford R.C.Jones J. Price N. Farmer
2000 D.Dixon P.Barnard R.Dance G.Dance
2001 Championship cancelled due to Foot & Mouth Disease
2002 S.Ware R.C.Jones Clive Anstey Verity Anstey
2003 Jack Curran David Bardwell Timo Rumary Nic Jones
2004 Darren Dixon Peter Barnard Michael Rowlands Michael Froment
2005 Richard Cann Perry Roe Bob Smale Nigel Colgrave
2006 Alyson Acreman Byron Jones Martin Millener Richard Millener
2007 Mike Quinnell Mark Sheppard John Sedgwick James Aldridge
2008 Mark Butler Peter Barnard Phil Sanders Phil Haines
2009 Mark Butler Peter Barnard Chris Stratton Martin Moore
2010 Nigel Phillips Tom Jefferis Ian Woollacott Dion Casey
2011 Roger Hunt Liam Burns Paul Collings Jason Morley
2012 Phil Harris Liam Burns Dave Whittock Ross Whittock
2013 Phil Harris Chris Perry Steve Pearce Andy Lowe
2014 Tim Owen Liam Burns Tom Pile / Gareth Andrews Mark Butler / Luke Quinell
2015 Tim Owen Shaun Layland Simon Heywood Sam Treleaven
2016 (Open) (Novice) James How Sam Treleaven Ray Sissins Rhys Williams
2017 (Open) (Novice) Philip Harris Jake Ramsden Phillip Luxton Sophie Buckland
2018 (Open) (Novice) Simon Haywood Sam Treleaven Aubery Bage Sophie Buckland

Road Rally of the Year

1984 Bath MC Festival Rally
1985 Tavern MC Gridnight Rally
1986 Haldon MC Monte Rally
1987 Haldon MC Monte Rally
1988 South Hams MC Nightmare Rally
1989 North Devon MC Ilfracombe Rally
1990 South Molton & DMC Windmill Rally
1991 North Devon MC Ilfracombe Rally
1992 North Devon MC Barum Rally
1993 Taunton MC Annual Rally
1994 Haldon MC Monte Rally
1995 Port Talbot MC Red Dragon Rally
1996 South Hams MC Harvest Rally
1997 Torbay MC Torbay Rally
1998 Torbay MC Torbay Rally
1999 South Hams MC Harvest Rally
2000 Taunton MC Annual Rally
2001 Championship cancelled due to Foot & Mouth Disease
2002 South Hams MC Harvest Rally
2003 Exmouth MC Barbara Carter Rally
2004 60 & Worcs MC Greenleaves Rally
2005 North Devon MC Ilfracombe Rally
2006 Exeter MC Rally of the Moors
2007 Exmouth MC Barbara Carter Rally
2008 Road Rally Register Carpetbagger
2009 South Hams MC Audi Enduro
2010 North Devon MC Ilfracombe Rally
2011 South Hams MC Guy Fawkes Rally
2012 South Hams MC Guy Fawkes Rally
2013 Bath MC Bath Festival
2014 Bath MC Bath Festival
2015 North Devon MC Ilfracombe Rally
2016 North Devon MC Ilfracombe Rally
2017 Devizes & D MC Devils Tour

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