(Introduced in 2011)
Championship Registration No: CH2023/RALLY060

1. A championship based upon performances in ASWMC Championships for which the entrant is registered.

2. The best overall performances from disciplines from AT LEAST TWO different championship groups shall determine the winner.

3. Counting Championships/Qualifying Groups:

ASWMC Targa Road Rally
ASWMC Stage Rally  

Group A

ASWMC Hill Climb
ASWMC Sprint

Group B

ASWMC Autocross

Group C

ASWMC Autosolo

Group D

ASWMC Classic Reliability Trials
ASWMC Car Trials
ASWMC Sporting Car Trials     

Group E

4. Scoring: Points will be calculated using the following formula:
1 – ((Overall Championship Position – 1)/ Number of Scorers) x 100 for each ASWMC Championship discipline a competitor is registered. The best two scores from different groups with then be added together to obtain the overall score.
Note: If a competitor is registered for more than one discipline within a group, the discipline with the best score will be used for the calculation of results.
In addition a competitor will score 1 point for each event competed on from their counting disciplines, up to a maximum of 16 events, and no more than 8 events to count from each counting discipline.

5. Ties: In the event of a tie, the number of competitors beaten in each of the scoring championships will be added together and the competitor who has beaten the higher number will be declared the winner.


2022 Championship Positions

Position Name Club Disciplines Total
1st Stuart Holton   AX / CRT 128.22
2nd Kevin Frost   AX / HC 123.15
3rd Jonathon Baker   AX / HC 108.35
4th Mike Dixon   TR / HC 103.54
5th Wayne Grimshaw   AS / SP 77.02
6th Jason Byrom   AX 41.71
7th Paul Prance   SP 39.25
8th Gordon Stuart   AX 28.94

Championship Secretary

For more details contact Pam Hartill (Championship Secretary)

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