1st Choice Finishes Autocross Championship

What is Autocross?

Autocross dates back to the early 1950's, where clubs would organise timed runs around a course set out in a farmers field. In 1954 Taunton MC were the first club in the country to organise a series of Autocross events, they scored another first in 1959, when they were awarded the first permit to run a British National Autocross event. The sport caught on and in 1963 the ASWMC Autocross Championship came into being.

During the 60's and 70's the sport was at its peak and was pulling between 2-3000 spectators at regional events and entries of 70 to 80 cars.

Autocross events will run up to four cars side by side, sometimes two, and singly if conditions are very dry and dusty. Timing is against the clock, so if you want that fastest time, you will have to beat the competitor alongside you into the first corner and then stay in front.

Conditions of the track can change rapidly, so you need to be adjusting your driving technique all the time to find the best traction to achieve the fastest time. Circuit lengths are about 1000 metres and a you normally get about 3 or 4 laps for each timed run, during the day with practice runs you will get somewhere in the region of 12 laps or more.

You can start to compete in Autocross events from the age of 14. As long as you have a Interclub Motorsports UK Competition Licence, the basic safety gear of fire resistant overalls, gloves, crash helmet and a fire extinguisher, you can take your everyday car and have a go.

Cars vary from Standard Road Cars, Rally cars, Lightweight Autocross Cars and Specials. If you are a really serious competitor it is advisable to trailer the car to the events, as this is an off road sport and things do break. But saying that it is great fun and a good adrenalin rush.

Entry fees are typically £120 for a 2day and £40 for Juniors, which for a high speed all action motorsport is great value.

Registration for the Championship is only £15 and for this you get all the regulations for each event sent to you automatically, as well an ASWMC Year Book, registration card and regular ASWMC Newsletters.


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Autumn Autocross

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Championship Registration No: CH2022/S087 (E)

* Note these regulations are a guide only and competitor's should refer to the ASWMC Yearbook for confirmation. We will endeavour to make the website as accurate as possible, but unfortunately typos do occur and after all we are only human!

1.1st Choice Finishes 2022 Autocross Championship shall be open to members of member clubs of the following Regional Associations, ASWMC, ASEMC, AWMMC and AEMC.

2. All events shall be run as specified in SR’s for the event. Except in the case of force-majeure, at least 2 timed runs should be allowed.

3. Classes.
Vehicle classes are modified from section N4.9 – 4.9.4 of the Motorsport UK Yearbook which are replaced as follows:
Class A1 Standard Production up to 1600cc
Cars MUST comply with the current version of N4.9.3, except for the following which are modified: Petrol tank is free for modification or relocation, Wheel sizes are free. Shock absorbers may be uprated but must be of a fixed rate and not adjustable. Roll over bars to K1.6.1 to K1.6.2 Drawing 1 or 2 , NOW MANDATORY for Classes A1 & A2
Class A2 As per Class A1 but over 1600cc
Class B Modified Production Based Cars up to 1400cc
Class C As per Class B but over 1400cc up to 1650cc
Class D As per Class B but over 1650cc
Classes B, C, and D must comply with N4.10.5 except for the following which are modified: Lightening and space frame construction is allowed, engine must remain in the original engine compartment.
Class E1 Specials
Class E2 All Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles
Class F Junior Autocross (Age 14 to 17) – See GR N4.1 to 4.8 & 4.21
Class G1 Stage Rally Cars – 2wd – up to 1600cc – See N4.9.4
Class G2 Stage Rally Cars – 2wd – over 1600cc – See N4.9.4
i.) All motorcycle engined vehicles are eligible, but will be classified as Specials and must comply with Motorsport UK Regulations.
ii.) Competitors in Classes G1 and G2 may request to practice and compete on timed runs alongside cars within these classes, or singularly.
iii.) Single seat ‘buggies’ and non centre seated saloons with no windows must be fitted with window nets or arm restraints.

4. All vehicles MUST comply with Technical Regulations J, N4.1 to N4.19 and N4.21 to N4.21.14.

5. Scoring:
Registered contenders will score points at each event entered based on the classes defined in 3 above: Points will be awarded after EACH timed run (excluding practice) according to class position, with
the total of the best 2 runs from each day of competition counting towards a contenders Championship score.

Championship points can only be scored in the vehicle in which the Competitor completed their practice run(s) OR in a car in the same class together with the agreement of ALL other Competitors.

The Clerk of the Course on an event may claim maximum points for organising an event in the Championship Calendar. This claim can only be made once in a calendar year and those points will count as one of their qualifying events. A maximum score shall be 30 points for any Competitor or Competitors acting as Clerk of the Course on a Championship Event.

Championship results will be based on the best scores from each day's Competition (Round) as follows (a 2 day Event is 2 Rounds):-
Less than 10 Rounds run- All scores to count
12 or 13 Rounds run- Best 11 scores to count
14 or 15 Rounds run- Best 12 scores to count
16 or 17 Rounds run- Best 14 scores to count
18 or 20 Rounds run Best 16 scores to count
Class position on timed run
3 or more starters in class
Points 2 Starters in class
Points 1 Starter in class Points
Failed Run or Retired

6. Competitors MUST nominate the class in which they intend to claim championship points on the Championship Registration Form.
Points may only be scored in a different class, by notifying the Championship Coordinator by phone, e-mail, or letter postmarked not later than the day prior to the event in which the change is to become operative.

7. Junior drivers attending full time education are reminded of Technical Regulation H7.

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