ASWMC Autosolo Championship



Championship Registration No: CH2024/A013 (E)

* Note these regulations are a guide only and competitor's should refer to the ASWMC Yearbook for confirmation. We will endeavour to make the website as accurate as possible, but unfortunately typos do occur and after all we are only human!

1. Typical Autosolo Classes:
A: Series Production Cars - Saloon / Estate Cars up to 1400cc
B: Series Production Cars - Saloon / Estate Cars 1401 to 2000cc
C: Series Production Cars - Saloon & Estate Cars over 2000cc
D: Series Production Sports Cars
E: Specialist Production Sports Cars and Kit Cars (Lotus, VX220, Caterham and Westfield) etc., and any other vehicle not eligible for Class A, B, C or D

Note: please see 3.1 for the allocation of championship points

2. Technical Regulations:
2.1 All entrant cars must comply with Technical Regulations M 33 - M33.3.
2.2 Cars in Classes A, B, C and D must retain original bodywork (although additions may be made) and window material must remain unaltered. Interior trim and original number and layout of seats must remain, although seats, steering wheel and seat belts may be changed /uprated.
2.3 Suspension configuration must remain unaltered, although individual components may be uprated.
2.4 Engine and Gearbox type and location must remain unaltered.
2.5 Capacity corrections to be applied to determine class eligibility are:
2.5.1 Rotary engines: nominal capacity X 1.5
2.5.2 Forced Induction engines (not Diesels): nominal capacity X 1.5
2.5.3 Diesel Engines (Not Forced Induction: nominal capacity X 0.7

3. Scoring and awards:
3.1 As all awards will be made according to ASWMC Championship Rule 19 the classes will be combined for the allocation of championship points.
Registered contenders will score Championship points as follows:
Points will be scored for position against other ASWMC registered contenders irrespective of their class as follows:
1st - 20 points, 2nd - 19 points, 3rd - 18 points, 4th - 17 points, 5th - 16 points, 6th - 15points, 7th - 14 points, 8th - 13 points, and so on down to 20th place, scoring 1 point.
In addition, to avoid the possibility of a tie, all Registered Contenders will receive 0.1 point for every competitor beaten at the event.
Where Clubman Events are split into Championship and non-Championship groupings for award purposes, the combined results will be used for championship points calculation purposes.
The Clerk of the Course on an Event may claim maximum points for organising that event in the Championship Calendar. This claim can only be made once in a calendar year and those points will count as one of their qualifying rounds.
3.2 First Overall. The ASWMC Trophy and Replica.

Class winners will be noted but will only receive awards as per Rule 19.

4. Marshalling:
All Competitors in an event must also (subject to the event organisers requirements) marshal on that event as instructed by the organisers, or all points earned on that event will be forfeit.

5. Championship Rounds:
There will be a maximum of 10 events and the competitors best six scores count. If only six rounds are held all six rounds will count, if less than six rounds are held all will count.

6. Geography
The event is the South West Championship and every effort is made to ensure all events will be held in the South West. (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Wiltshire). Due to loss of venues Defford is being used this year’s championship and is just into Worcestershire.

7. Addition and removal of events.
No event can be added to the championship without the approval of ALL registered competitors. If a club informs the co-ordinator that the event will not run, then it will be dropped from the championship. If they intend to move the event date to a new date it will remain in the championship only if ALL registered competitors agree with the new date.

8. Electronic Timing
All clubs will be encouraged to use Sapphire Electronic Timing which has been purchased by ASWMC but this is not mandatory.

Appendix A. Guidance for Organisers:
Motorsport UK RS Clubman Competition Licences will be required for Association Championship Events, these Events will be run with a Clubman Permit.

Where possible, Championship Contenders in the same class should be placed in the same drive/marshal/rest group. This will ensure that conditions are as close and level as possible for Championship contenders (e.g. rain can affect some groups but not others).

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