Classic Reliability Trials Championship


Sun 20

Clee Hills Trial

January 20
Organiser: Midland AC
Sun 27

Exmoor Trial

January 27
Organiser: North Devon MC
Sun 17
Sun 03

Camel Heights Trial

March 3
Organiser: Camel Vale MC
Sun 07

Torbay Trial

April 7
Organiser: Torbay MC
Sun 28

Presidents Trial

April 28
Organiser: Camel Vale MC
Sun 08

Exmoor Clouds Trial

September 8
Organiser: Minehead MC
Sun 22

Tarka Trial

September 22
Organiser: North Devon MC
Sun 27
Sun 03

Bodmin Trial

November 3
Organiser: Camel Vale MC
Sun 17

Hardy Classic

November 17
Organiser: Woolbridge MC
Sun 24

Allen Classic Trial

November 24
Organiser: Bristol MC
Sun 01

Camel Classic Trial

December 1
Organiser: Camel Vale MC


Championship Registration No: 10/2019

* Note these regulations are a guide only and competitor's should refer to the ASWMC Yearbook for confirmation. We will endeavour to make the website as accurate as possible, but unfortunately typos do occur and after all we are only human!

1. Classes will be defined in the Supplementary Regulations for each event.

2. Registered contenders will score points as follows:

All starters in class: 1 point
All classified finishers in class: 1 extra point

In addition:

Class winner: 7 points, (if 3 or more starters in class), otherwise 6 points.
2nd in class: 5 points
3rd in class: 4 points
4th in class: 3 points
5th in class: 2 points
6th in class: 1 point

Championship Results, ASWMC Championship Rule 18 will apply.

3. Awards to be presented as per Championship Rule 19.

Championship Co-ordinator

For more details contact Carlie Hart (Championship Co-ordinator)

Contact Carlie Hart

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