Under 21's Championship

Introduced 2001

This is open to any competitor who is under 21 years of age at the 1st January of the current Championship year. To register for the Under 21 section, competitors must register in the discipline in which they wish to compete and tick the box for the Under 21's section as well as supplying the Date of Birth in the appropriate box.

Points will be scored on a generic system across all of the ASWMC Championships. So whether you want to go rallying, autotesting, hillclimbing or any of our other sports they will all have the same points scoring system.


2020 Championship Positions

Aidan Horn South Hams MC
Leo Tredwell Witney MC
Jamie Raymond Exeter MC
Matthew Westlake Exeter MC
Toby Sweetland Exeter MC


Championship Registration No: 12/2022

1. The championship shall be open to any competitor, under the age of 21 at January 1st of a Championship year, who is already a registered contender for an ASWMC Championship.

2. Championship contenders must indicate their Date of Birth on the registration form.

3. No registration fee is payable for the Under 21's Championship.

4. If a competitor is registered for more than one ASWMC championship, their best championship result will count.

5. Points will be scored to eligible contenders as follows:

  • 1st overall in a championship = 100%
  • Other overall positions according to the following formula:-
    1-(overall position - 1)/ number of scorers) x 100
  • For a contender registered in more than one championship, his/her best overall position will be used for the calculation.
  • In addition contenders will be allocated one extra point for each round entered up to a maximum of 8 rounds.
  • Ties will be decided by reference to the number of contenders beaten in a championship.

6. Awards to be presented as per Championship Rule 19. Awards to be in addition to any received in the contenders respective Championship(s).

7. A Competitor shall not take time off school to participate in motorsport without the prior written approval of their school.

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