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Championship Registration No: CH2024/RALLY047 (E)

* Note these regulations are a guide only and competitor's should refer to the ASWMC Yearbook for confirmation. We will endeavour to make the website as accurate as possible, but unfortunately typos do occur and after all we are only human!

1. The Targa Rally Championship shall consist of events run under Interclub Targa Road Rally permits having a minimum of 6 special tests, as approved by Motorsport UK.

3. The championship shall be open to, and will award separate points to, Drivers and Navigators.

3. On each event, points will be awarded to registered championship contenders only, according to the following table.

Relative position of championship contender 1 2 3 4 5 6  
Points scored 18 15 13 12 11 10 to 15th place

Points will be awarded to both the Driver and Navigator.

Championship awards will be given to the drivers and navigators, who have scored the highest number of points in the qualifying events, according to the following table.

Events Run Results to Count
14 or over Best 8
12 or 13 Best 7
10 or 11 Best 6
7, 8 or 9 Best 5
5 or 6 Best 4
Less than 5 All results to count

In the event of a tie between two or more competitors, Championship placings will be awarded to the competitor scoring:
(a) The highest number of maximum scores, continuing down the table of scores including dropped scores until the tie is resolved.
(b) The highest number of event class wins followed by event positions (2nd, 3rd etc.)
(c) Their Championship score in the fewest number of events.
(d) Where appropriate, the competitor who has achieved their score by beating the highest number of competitors will be the winner.
(e) If a tie still exists the position shall be held jointly.

4.There shall be 4 classes of awards as follows:

First Overall Driver The Brace Trophy and replica
First Overall Navigator The Brace Trophy and replica
Expert Driver up to 1400cc An Award
Expert Navigator up to 1400cc An Award
Expert Driver over 1400cc An Award
Expert Navigator over 1400cc An Award
Novice Driver up to 1400cc An Award
Novice Navigator up to 1400cc An Award
Novice Driver over 1400cc An Award
Novice Navigator over 1400cc An Award

Awards over and above those detailed will depend on the number of registered contenders in each class as per ASWMC Championship Rule 19 a).

Novice is defined as a contender who, at time of registration, has never finished in the first 10 places overall of a Interclub/National B Road, Navigational, Targa Road Rally or Endurance Road Rally. An Expert is defined as any contender not eligible as a Novice.

5. All contenders' vehicles and tyres must comply with each individual event’s regulations.

6. On all championship rounds, points will be awarded to registered contenders based on performance in event results.

7. Where two or more competitors tie for a position in the results, the competitor who has completed the greater proportion of the event from the start, without penalty, or if all incurred penalties at the same point, the competitor with the lesser penalty, shall be the winner. If a tie still exists all competitors involved in the tie shall be awarded the points for the highest place involved in the tie.

8. It is not necessary for a Driver and Navigator to remain as a crew throughout the duration of the championship. It is not necessary for both members of a crew to be registered for the championship for one to claim points.

9. Any registered contender may claim a maximum 15 championship points for organising or marshalling on events in the Championship calendar. This claim can only be made once in a Championship year. Officials and Marshals must provide proof from the official event signing on form. Marshalling points cannot be awarded to any competitor who retires on an event and subsequently volunteers to marshal later on that same event.

10. The ASWMC may appoint Observers on any event.

Championship Secretary

For more details contact 'Gavin Rogers' (Championship Secretary)

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