Archives | 2001 Competition Car Insurance Southern Counties Autocross Championship

Position Contender Club Class Total
1st Paul Dible Salisbury & SCC C 81.0
2nd Barry Pavey WSM MC D 79.8
3rd Andy Hoare Bournemouth & DCC B 79.0
4th Mike Stewart Bournemouth & DCC A 54.0
5th Colin Anderson South Hams MC F 53.0
6th David Eyles Ford RS OC E 49.8
7th John Eyles Ford RS OC E 49.3
8th Steve King Bournemouth & DCC C 48.7
9th Peter Moorcroft Farnborough & DMC D 46.0
10th James Samson Southsea MC D 37.4
11th Mick Moorcroft Farnborough & DMC D 35.5
12th David Crook Bournemouth & DCC B 29.3
13th Rob Dance Bournemouth & DCC A 25.6
14th Robert French South Hams MC D 21.6
15th Toby Cameron Bournemouth & DCC D 19.5
16th Dave Short Bournemouth & DCC B 19.0
17th Graham Dance Bournemouth & DCC A 10.8
  Jim Morris Farnborough & DMC A 0.0
  Mark Urch WSM MC B 0.0
  Geoff Bennett Bournemouth & DCC F 0.0
  Brian Jones Devizes & DMC D 0.0
  Nic Ayre North Devon MC A 0.0
  Adrian Wood Cirencester CC E 0.0
  Gordon Woodford Bournemouth & DCC A 0.0

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