ASWMC Sporting Trials

What are Sporting Trials?

Sporting Trials involve the use of a specialist 2 seater lightweight trials car, you must carry a passenger and the sport is open to anyone who is over 16.

The trial sections in Sporting Trials are much more difficult than those found in Car Trials or Classic Trials, but the principal is the same, the further you get up the course the less penalty points you will accumulate. The winner being the competitor with the lowest aggregate score from all the sections.

Sporting Trials are a very specialised sport and the learning curve is a very long one, by introducing the sport at regional level will enable the newer competitors to the sport to gain valuable experience and close the gap to the top flight competitors in a shorter period of time.

So as long as you are a member of a member club of the ASWMC, you will be eligible to register for our championship.


Sun 25


March 25
Organiser: Southsea MC
Sun 15


April 15
Organiser: Launceston & NC MC
Sun 13

Four Turnings

May 13
Organiser: Camel Vale MC
Sun 10


June 10
Organiser: Camel Vale MC
Sat 15

Robin Alexander

September 15
Organiser: Camel Vale MC
Sun 16

David Ayres

September 16
Organiser: Launceston & NC MC
Sun 23

Pete Fear

September 23
Organiser: Ross & Dist MSL
Sat 20


October 20
Organiser: 750 MC
Sun 11

Roy Fedden

November 11
Organiser: Bristol MC
Sun 02


December 2
Organiser: 750 MC


MSA Championship Permit No: 88/2018

* Note these regulations are a guide only and competitor's should refer to the ASWMC Yearbook for confirmation. We will endeavour to make the website as accurate as possible, but unfortunately typos do occur and after all we are only human!

1. There will be 5 classes, Red Independent, Red Live Axle, Blue Independent, Blue Live Axle, and Rookie.

Drivers will be classified before the first event of the year based on their average score on last year’s Championship events.

Drivers will remain in the same class for the whole of the Championship year.  Rookie drivers are defined as not having had 2 years or 12 events’ experience.

2. Registered contenders will score points as follows:

All starters in event 1 point
All classified finishers 1 extra point

In addition:

1st Overall on event 1 bonus point.
1st in class 7 points, if 3 or more starters in class, otherwise 6 points.
2nd in class 5 points
3rd in class 4 points
4th in class 3 points
5th in class 2 points
6th in class 1 point

Championship Results, ASWMC Championship Rule 18 will apply.

3. Awards to be presented as per Championship Rule 19.

Championship Co-ordinator

For more details contact Duncan Stephens (Championship Co-ordinator)

Contact Duncan Stephens

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4 days ago

Roger Nunn

CANCELLED DUE TO IMPENDING WEATHER CONDITIONS all should have had an email or been contacted by collegues but please spread the word incase I've missed anyone, new date to be advised soon.
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4 days ago

Alan Wakeman

Entry Form for the Truro and District Motor Club "Panda Crossing" Autosolo on 2nd April. Round 4 of the ASWMC Autosolo Championship. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Alan Wakeman

Here are the Regulations for the Truro and District Motor Club "Panda Crossing" Autosolo on 2nd April. Round 4 of the ASWMC Autosolo Championship.

Remember that those in the deeper South West of the Region have a real chance of winning the Championship with seven events in the "real" South West and seven at the Eastern end of the Region. Come out and show us what you can do in the Championship!
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3 weeks ago

Pete Bold

Are there regs available for Clay Pigeon and Portreath sprints? ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Roger Nunn

Training Day 18/03/2018
Program. Tea/coffee from 9:45, start 10:00 lunch included, finish 4:00pm approx. Day covering first aid, including CPR, everyone has a go. pm incident handling, everyone involved.
Queries, give me a ring/email 01823652676/
See you all on Sunday.
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