Archives | 2004 Competition Car Insurance Southern Counties Autocross Championship

Pos Contender Club Class Total
1 Mark Tredwell Witney MC C 320.0
2 Andy Hoare Bournemouth & DCC B 315.0
3 Russell Milligan Witney MC A1 312.9
4 Chris Butler WSM MC E 311.6
5 Colin Anderson South Hams MC F 311.0
6 Danny Castlehouse South Hams MC A2 301.9
7 Ross Frampton Bournemouth & DCC A2 270.3
8 Derek Hill Bournemouth & DCC A2 258.1
9 Peter Moorcroft Farnborough & DMC D 250.7
10 Jason Byrom North Devon MC A1 245.6
11 Norman Cutler Bournemouth & DCC A1 243.9
12 Carl Stebbings Wickford AC E 243.8
13 Roger Adderley Witney MC C 238.9
14 Andy Hill Middlesex County E 180.0
15 John Eyles Ford RS OC E 167.7
16 Jimmy Milligan Witney MC E 154.5
17 Ken Hartfield South Hams MC A2 138.1
18 Dave Short Bournemouth & DCC A1 137.2
19 Mick Moorcroft Farnborough & DMC D 134.5
20 Pete Donnachie WSM MC C 130.1
20 Kevin Hoare South Hams MC C 120.1
22 Malcolm Davies WSM MC D 117.7
23 Steve Colville Bournemouth & DCC A1 112.5
24 Richard Davies WSM MC D/E 103.5
25 Ian Shelley Southsea MC C 102.0
26 Paul Bishop Plymouth MC A1 93.1
26 Adrian Wood Forest of Dean MC A2 92.2
28 David Crook Bournemouth & DCC A2 88.5
29 Ben Dixey North Devon MC A2 85.5
29 John Robinson Bournemouth & DCC F 85.4
31 Tony Wilson Exeter MC C 80.4
32 Adam Evans Bournemouth & DCC A1 80.1
33 Jack Lamburn North Devon MC A1 79.4
34 Alan Holly WSM MC E/F 74.2
35 Rob White South Hams MC D 68.6
36 Rob Lundy WSM MC E 67.7
37 Darren Harris WSM MC E 67.6
38 Robert French South Hams MC A1 65.2
38 John O'Sullivan Middlesex County E 64.2
40 Mark Carrow WSM MC A1 63.7
41 Greg Urch WSM MC B 59.4
42 Mike Bray North Devon MC C 57.8
43 Paul Huxtable South Hams MC F 56.6
44 Paul Dible Bournemouth & DCC C 54.3
45 Steve Boyle Witney MC A2 50.4
46 Tania Wilson Exeter MC C 39.3
47 Debbie Urch WSM MC B 38.7
48 Paul Forbes WSM MC E 35.3
49 Nic Ayre North Devon MC A2 35.0
50 Gay Shelley Southsea MC C 29.0
51 Derek Bentley Central Sussex A2 26.7
52 James Samson Southsea MC D 24.0
53 Jamie Davidson Witney MC A1 23.6
54 Andy Baverstock Forresters CC A1 22.4
Simon Reynolds 0.0
Roger Brunt Devizes & DMC F 0.0
Phil Kempthorne South Hams MC B 0.0
Marcus Brunt Devizes & DMC F 0.0
Jonathan Steptoe Central Sussex MC 0.0
Ian Kamcke Bournemouth & DCC A1 0.0
Ian Griffiths WSM MC A2 0.0
Barry Hilton Torbay MC 0.0
Colin Smith Wickford AC D 0.0

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There are still entries available for Brean Stages 1st Round of the ASWMC Stage Rally Championship.
Regs and entry form now on line for 2nd round at Bovington.
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Car Sharing? After competing in my first ever Autocross at Witney last year, I'd like to compete in a couple more. Looking at the calendar and the other events I'm committed to, it looks like the Southsea event on the Isle of Wight and the Witney event again - August is going to be busy!

Does anybody fancy sharing a car for these two events? I'm sure we can sort out a "deal", anything considered. I don't have any way to prepare and store a car these days (in addition to what i already have). But I can maintain a flow of cold beers and food from my motorhome 😁

Anybody interested?
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2018 Autosolo Championship provisional positions after round 1 - South Hams at Smeatharpe.

It's the time of year when Championship Registrations are still coming in and it's possible that I've missed some people. I've used the declarations of Championship Registrations submitted to South Hams for their event. Any anomalies/mistakes then let me know - I'm still half asleep from Marshaling three controls on the Bagger Road Rally immediately after the Autosolo!
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