Archives | 2003 Competition Car Insurance Southern Counties Autocross Championship

Pos Contender Club Class Best 7
1 Mark Tredwell Witney MC C 277.0
2 Peter Moorcroft Farnborough & DMC D 276.0
3 Ben Dixey North Devon MC A1/A2 275.0
4 Colin Anderson South Hams MC F 275.0
5 Andy Hoare Bournemouth & DCC B 270.8
6 Phil Kempthorne South Hams MC B 267.9
7 Rob Lundy WSM MC E 252.1
8 Derek Hill Bournemouth & DCC A2 245.0
9 Alan Claridge Witney MC C 242.7
10 Chris Butler WSM MC E 232.6
11 Norman Cutler Bournemouth & DCC A1 228.7
12 Dave Short Bournemouth & DCC A2 228.4
13 Robert French South Hams MC A1/D 216.3
14 David Eyles Ford RS OC E 208.4
15 Mark Urch WSM MC B 202.0
16 Alan Holly WSM MC E/F 191.9
17 John Eyles Ford RS OC E 182.6
18 Nic Ayre North Devon MC A1/A2 170.0
19 Mick Moorcroft Farnborough & DMC D 165.9
20 Carl Stebbings Wickford MC E 155.6
21 Paul Prescott Farnborough & DMC C 143.4
22 Andy Hill Middlesex County E 140.8
23 Roger Brunt Devizes & DMC F 140.6
24 Kevin Creaven Harrow MC F 134.3
25 Barry Pavey WSM MC D 129.8
26 Adam Evans Bournemouth & DCC A1 123.7
27 Paul Dible Bournemouth & DCC C 116.4
28 Jamie Davidson Witney MC A1 115.6
29 Jimmy Milligan Witney MC E 113.0
30 David Crook Bournemouth & DCC B 110.0
31 John Robinson Bournemouth & DCC F 106.7
32 Russell Milligan Witney MC A1 104.9
33 Mike Stewart Bournemouth & DCC A 102.5
34 Marcus Brunt Devizes & DMC F 101.7
35 Alan Byrne Harrow CC F 96.1
36 Roger Adderley Witney CC C 91.5
37 Paul Huxtable North Devon MC D 75.1
38 Ian Byrne Harrow CC F 73.7
39 Derek Bentley Central Sussex A2 73.3
40 Debbie Urch WSM MC B 73.1
41 Pete Donnachie WSM MC C 70.6
42 David Foster HRCR B 70.3
43 Greg Urch WSM MC B 69.9
44 Kevin Hoare South Hams MC C 52.5
45 Paul Baskerville North Devon MC C 46.5
46 Mark Carrow WSM MC A1 40.0
47 Jim Morris Farnborough & DMC A1 39.9
48 Tony Wilson Exeter MC C 39.0
49 John O'Sullivan Forest of Dean MC E 38.7
50 Andy Baverstock Ross & DMSL A1 35.1
51 Mike Bray North Devon MC C 33.8
52 Simon Kellaway Taunton MC E 31.8
53 Rob Dance Bournemouth & DCC F 31.0
54 Jane Dible Bournemouth & DCC C 28.6
55 Ian Griffiths WSM MC A2 26.8
56 John Taylor Southsea MC A1 26.0
57 James Samson Southsea MC D 22.6
58 Tim Walker WSM MC A 17.4
59 Tim Dewar Burnham on Sea MC A1 12.6
Tania Wilson Exeter MC C 0.0
Craig Robertson Bournemouth & DCC C 0.0
Michael Trim Middlesex County E 0.0
Dan Cornwall Wickford MC E 0.0
Toby Cameron Bournemouth & DCC E 0.0
Deborah Creaven Harrow MC F 0.0

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Hi everyone, from your new ASWMC Autosolo Coordinator.

Many of you already know me, but in case not, I'm a very active Autosolo Competitor. I won the ASWMC Autosolo Championship from 2014 to 2016. I also compete in the BTRDA Autosolo Championship (2nd overall this year, by one point, but I'm not jaded 😭). I won the ASWMC Loose Surface Stage Rally Championship way back in 1997. You'll also find me out on Targa Rallies and I made my debut in Autocross this year! That'll do for now.

There's already been a lot of talk behind the scenes regarding the Autosolo Championship and I'll be sharing some thoughts and ideas. But first I want to reach out to all the Clubs who might want to run rounds. I have some base dates and events in place but want to confirm and see if there are any other events I've missed.

To make sure that I don't miss anyone, who should I be communicating with within the Clubs regarding Autosolos?

To give the Competitors something to look forward to, I'd like to take at least two ASWMC teams to the Inter Association Autosolo in 2018. The exact date and event hasn't been selected as yet, but it could be in the North East Region! Not far 😉 Let's go win something for ASWMC!
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We have a space on the Barbara Carter if anyone wants to put in an entry ... See MoreSee Less

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Any crews wishing to see if we have any pictures of their car from Wyedean Stages Rally please message ... See MoreSee Less

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does anyone know when will the 2018 championship dates be published ... See MoreSee Less

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